lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013



1.- Answer all the questions from the quiz using the internet or whatever the means and short answers. You can check the quiz at the IES blog.
2.- Write them down on the answer sheet together with all the requested information (valid answers only on answer sheet).
3.- Give it to your English teacher before March 13, at 15.00.
4.- There will be three prizes, one for 1st and 2nd ESO, another one for 3rd and 4th ESO, and a last one for Bachillerato. Each one consists of a voucher for 20 euros.
5.- Write clearly, using block capitals if you can (illegible answers will not be taken into account).
6.- In case of a draw, the teacher will follow the “first to come” policy.


1.- Responde a todas las preguntas de forma breve usando internet o el recurso que consideres necesario.Las preguntas se subirán al blog del instituto y podrán consultarse allí.
2.- Escríbelas en papel oficial de respuestas junto con toda la información que se pide (sólo se tendrán en cuenta las respuestas del formulario oficial).
3.- Entrégaselas a tu profesor de inglés antes del 13 de marzo a las 15:00.
4.- Habrá tres premios, uno para 1ºy 2º ESO, otro para 3º y 4º ESO, y un tercero para Bachillerato. Se entregará un vale de 20 euros para cada premio.
5.- Escribe con claridad, y si puedes, en mayúsculas (se eliminarán las respuestas que sean ilegibles).
6.- En caso de empate, se tendrá en cuenta el que primero lo haya entregado.


  1. When is Saint Patrick’s day celebrated?
  2. According to Irish folklore, who is the spirit that heralds the death of a family member?
  3. What did Saint Patrick use the Shamrock for?
  4. What is a leprechaun?
  5. What type of instrument is a “Bodhran”?
  6. What is the Gaelic name for Ireland?
  7. What is the official emblem of Ireland?
  8. What are the official languages of Ireland?
  9. Where is the statue of Molly Malone? Specify the street.
  10. Where can you read “The Book of Kells”?
  11. Name two Irish drinks known worldwide.
  12. Where can you go and visit “Aughnanure Castle”? Name the county.
  13. Name two Irish writers who were awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  14. What is the name the Irish give to their traditional dance?
  15. Point out where the four-leafed clover is. (give name of the poster and exact location).
  16. Name two Irish games of Celtic origin.
  17. Name the four historic provinces of Ireland. (including the one that belongs to the UK)
  18. Where is Connemara?
  19. If you want to visit the Gap of Dunloe, which county do you go to?
  20. What is a “Garda”?
  21. Try to find all the words in this puzzle.

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