domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Compositions 3º ESO

Los alumnos de 3º ESO debían escibir una redacción en inglés sobre algún suceso extraño relacionado con animales.
Aquí están algunos de los resultados más originales.
Se han reproducido tal y como fueron escritas originalmente, así que les perdonamos los fallitos, que no son tantos ni tan graves.

The Dangerous Snails
Snails can seem inoffensive animals, but some snails live in the sewers in Italy, and they are big, strong and strange animals. When they are annoyed, they attack and they asphyxiate people and other animals.
The president of Italy has taken some measures to stop this “monsters”. The dangerous sanils have been unders since last Monday. So be careful, because the snails are true criminals and they can attack you when you don’t hope it.
Noelia Muñoz Vílchez, 3º ESO A

The Special Spider
Have you seen a special spider?
Spiders are very ugly, but some are very funny. My grandfather had a spider. She wore a mini-skirt and a top. In the mornings, she swept the house and bought in the supermarket. She had the food and she ate with him.
What do you think now?
Mª Rosario Calvo Gutiérrez, 3º ESO A

The Dragon
It is a fantastic animal, of figure of snake with foots and wings.
The dragons can be very big. These dragons have attacked people and stolen things.
The dragons attacked to the people expelling fire from the mouth. The dragons eat plants.
They live in a cave.
They haven’t got hair, but they have got escales.
They look fantastic, but they are just dangerous criminals.
José Comino Aguilera, 3º ESO A

The Snake
Every time people buy more snakes. Why? Because snakes are very useful for our transportation. They can fly. Travelling by snakes is cheaper than by planes. There are many types of snakes. Snakes of four people, eight, ten… The suitcases travel in other different snakes. Before, the snakes were dangerous, because they weren’t domesticated. With the time, the snakes have been domesticated and they are of a great help.
Paola Caballero Ordóñez, 3º ESO B

Unusual Animals
Do you like birds?
One day, a family in Thailand were having a picnic when a group of birds aproached to them. They thought they were harmless, but the birds attacked them and stole all the necklaces, bracelets and rings of the family.
This species only lives in Thailand and the people call them “Jeweler birds”, because they only steal jewelry.
Laura Prados Gómez - 3º ESO B

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