lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Elements of visual Language: The plane

Hi guys!!

Today I´ll show you the most beautifull Collages I´ve ever seen (this year, of course). As you should know, another important element of the Visual Language is the plane, and we use it creating collages with different pieces of coloured paper. In these works you have to observe the originality, the use of the colour and the dificulty of their process to understand them.

I hope you like them!!

Raquel Osuna 2º D

Almudena Montes 2º D

Gonzalo 2º D

José Aguilera 2º A

Rafael Torres 2º B

Mario Jiménez 1º B

Roxana 2º D

Lidia Corpas 1º B

Melissa Granados 1º B

Tamara Picadizo 2º D

Marta Jiménez 1º B

Laura Rojas 2º D

Manuel Matas 1ºB

Lidia Hidalgo 2º D

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